Monster Party

MONSTER PARTY offers you a frightening family affair!

JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, invite their loved ones over for an intimate exchange of nerd talk, we call... THE FEARSOME FAMILY FEAST!!!

After a traditional holiday meal of pizza and booze, we fired up the mics, and welcomed dignitaries from the houses of MONSTER PARTY. This delegation included PATRICK RAY (MATT'S BROTHER-IN-LAW), GINA SHERIDAN (SHAWN'S WIFE), KATHY & KERRY STROTHE (LARRY'S DAUGHTER & WIFE), & CARRIE WEINHOLD (MATT'S WIFE)!

If you want to know what MONSTER PARTY is thankful for (aside from NIGHT OF THE LEPUS), this is the show for you!


Once again, MONSTER PARTY gets the book thrown at them!

JAMES GONISSHAWN SHERIDANLARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, revisit a game more challenging than, "Bobbing For Vodka"! More perilous than, "Pin The Tail On The Traffic Cop". It's... REVENGE OF THE MAD MOVIE SMACKDOWN!!!

Like before, the rules are ridiculously simple: We pick a genre movie guidebook like, The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, or John Stanley's Creature Feature Movie Guide; flip through the pages, and randomly SMACKDOWN our fingers on a film entry. Whatever comes up...we have to discuss! This game is also a great way to name your baby! Who wouldn't want a child named "FIREHEAD"?

Aiding us in this monstrous game of TERROR TRIVIA, is returning friend of the show, comedian, actor, writer, modeler, and overall talent tsunami... RICK OVERTON! (WILLOW, GROUNDHOG'S DAY, EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS, THE SECRET ADVENTURES OF JULES VERNE, I'M DYING UP HERE)

ATTENTION: Stay around after the outtakes (including some great behind-the-scenes tales from WILLOW, and a STERLING HAYDEN one-man show!) for another BONUS AUDIO segment, recorded at the 2018 G FEST convention in CHICAGO. This one features KENT NESSA & JASON NESSA from the DAIKAIJU NETWORK podcast, and it also takes place at the bar. Soooooo predictable.

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