Monster Party


This scare season, JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, forgo the usual TPing of each other's homes, and celebrate ALL HALLOWS' EVE with some class. It's a terrifying tour through Tinsel Town called... HALLOWEEN, HOLLYWOOD STYLE!!!

To experience a true Hollywood Halloween, you need to be in the perfect location, and we managed to find just the right spot. We paid a visit to the home of legendary actor, director, producer, writer, and owner of literally THE BIGGEST SCI-FI/HORROR COLLECTION ON EARTH... RICH CORRELL! (LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, HAPPY DAYS, FULL HOUSE, STEP BY STEP, CO-CREATOR OF HANNAH MONTANA, and SO MUCH MORE!)

If that's not enough bang for your Halloween buck, we also managed to book a gorgeous and talented lady who is not only a PLAYBOY icon, but THE QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN herself... BRIDGET MARQUARDT! (THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR, SCARY MOVIE 4, THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT ELVIRA, BRIDGET'S SEXIEST BEACHES, CELEBRITY PARANORMAL PROJECT) 

Prepare yourself for a slew of great true-life stories involving such luminaries as BORIS KARLOFF, PETER LORRE, FAY WRAY, HAROLD LLOYD, STAN LAUREL, JACK PIERCE, WALT DISNEY, VINCENT PRICE, BASIL RATHBONE, RICK BAKER, ROBERT ENGLUNDHUGH HEFNER, and even MR. ED! It's a HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA not to be missed!

NOTE: We had some audio issues during the recording of this episode that we did our best to rectify. But don't worry, the ghosts in our machines are now "safely" stored in an Ecto Containment Unit.

ATTENTION: Stick around after the bloopers for another BONUS AUDIO segment, recorded at the 2018 G FEST convention in CHICAGO. This one features BRYAN CLARK from ATTACK OF THE KILLER PODCAST! Seriously, listening to it may kill you. So please, wear a helmet.

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Snap your fingers MONSTER PARTIERS!

JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, take a creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky look at the monster kid's answer to THE BRADY BUNCH. It's... THE ADDAMS FAMILY!!!

The original ADDAMS FAMILY cartoons in THE NEW YORKER, led to a hit television show in the 60s, numerous animated series, TV specials, several feature films, and even a musical! And like one of Gomez's trains, THE ADDAMS FAMILY shows no sign of stopping! Case in point, our guest for this episode. She's the gifted and beloved actress who played the original, and dare we say, the definitive, WEDNESDAY ADDAMS... LISA LORING! (THE ADDAMS FAMILY, FANTASY ISLAND, AS THE WORLD TURNS, BLOOD FRENZY, DEATH FEUD, ICED)

Join us for a fascinating talk with this genre icon, then stick around after the bloopers for another BONUS AUDIO segment, recorded at the 2018 G FEST convention in CHICAGO. This one features one of our most loyal MONSTER PARTIERS... ANGELA McNICHOLS. We also interviewed her boyfriend ROBB GATICA, but we'll save that for our WKRP IN CINCINNATI episode.




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When it comes to movies, MONSTER PARTY is finally in charge!

JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, become imaginary movie moguls and present a question they've all mused about while lying in their coffins on a sunny day...  "WHAT IF I HAD MY OWN MOVIE STUDIO?!!!"

Joining us as another studio head honcho is a comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, and musician, who is nothing short of 100% bonafide comedy royalty! He's a founding member of the groundbreaking comedy troupe, THE KIDS IN THE HALL, and is a man who really knows how to turn a studio around! It's SCOTT THOMPSON! (THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW, HANNIBAL, AMERICAN GODS, THE SIMPSONS, WHAT WOULD SAL DO?, THE KIDS IN THE HALL: DEATH COMES TO TOWN)

Get ready for an often combative episode, that tackles all the serious challenges facing a forward thinking studio chief. We're talkin' political correctness, drug use, parking, omelette stations, "females", and more!

ATTENTION: Stick around after the outtakes for another BONUS AUDIO segment, recorded at the 2018 G FEST convention in CHICAGO. This one features Canadian MONSTER PARTIER... JAMES THOMPSON! No relation to Scott..we think. 



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