Monster Party


JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, go behind the "behind the scenes" films, that give us a deeper appreciation of our favorite fright flicks! MONSTER PARTY starts off the HALLOWEEN season with an episode honoring our favorite... HORROR DOCUMENTARIES!!!

Once again, with a topic this massive, we decided to concentrate on our personal favorites. And we have A LOT! Documentaries covering topics like UNIVERSAL MONSTERS, VAL LEWTON, HAMMER HORROR, THE GEORGE ROMERO "DEAD" SERIES, THE SHINING, THE ALIEN FILMS, THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU,  GODZILLA, and MANY MORE!

Joining us for this celebration of docu-dread, is a celebrated writer, long time friend of the show, and a horror documentary filmmaker in his own right! MONSTER PARTY is super excited to welcome back, the writer, director, and co-producer of the 4 HOUR documentary, IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS: A JOURNEY INTO ICONIC '80s HORROR... DAVID WEINER! (ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, THE "IT CAME FROM... " BLOG)

Listen, enjoy, and find out what KEN BURNS has been doing wrong all these years!

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