Monster Party


JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, revisit a favorite topic that is all topics! And if that were not enough, a vital element has returned to the show that was sorely missed. Brace yourself, listeners, for... TOPIC FREE-FOR-ALL: THE SKULL IS BACK!!!

Long-time listeners will know that TOPIC FREE-FOR-ALL is like getting a dozen shows in one go. Traditionally, it worked like this: The MONSTER PARTY gang and their guests write down various mini-topics on a slip of paper and place them in Larry's plastic skull with the light-up eyes. The skull is shaken up, each person randomly pulls out a topic, and said topic is briefly discussed. But, the last time we did TOPIC FREE-FOR-ALL, something went horribly wrong!

Larry happened to be out of town, and had left the skull back in his palatial Van Nuys apartment. But MONSTER PARTY is not a podcast to let adversity stop a show, and with some slight alterations, we managed to do the episode... skull-less.

Now, the skull has been returned to Larry Strothe's rightful control, and we can finally do the TOPIC FREE-FOR-ALL the way MONSTER PARTY intended. Complete with water-damaged paper topic slips from episodes gone by. Yes... THE MOLD IS BACK AS WELL!

Joining us for this potpourri of petrifying possibilities is a long-time friend of MONSTER PARTY, as well as an ultra-talented comedian, actor, writer, and cartoonist! He's the genius behind MATTA NAPKIN (the daily series of hilarious cartoons, all drawn on cocktail napkins), as well as co-writing two episodes of BEWARE THE BATMAN with some guy named MATT WEINHOLD. Please welcome back the man, the legend... JOHN MATTA! (THE EPIC TALES OF CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, BE COOL SCOOBY DOO, GRAND MARQUEE, DUCK DODGERS, STEVE HARVEY'S BIG TIME CHALLENGE, THE MARTIN SHORT SHOW)


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