Monster Party


SHAWN SHERIDAN, JAMES GONIS, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, return to a topic that has shaped their lives, and maxed out their credit cards. So gather your Mego figures around your favorite podcast listening device, and brace yourselves for... THE MONSTER PARTY TOY TIRADE!!!

It's no secret that the hosts of MONSTER PARTY love toys! Old, new, mint, loose, or custom, collecting toys is a passion that can  border on obsession. And with current world-wide acceptance of nerd culture, this love of so-called childish things shows no signs of stopping.

In this frank and often bellicose discussion, MONSTER PARTY addresses the various complexities of having an ever-growing toy collection. How did this all start? How did/does it affect your love life? What are your toy pet peeves? What were the toys that got away? How do we keep up with all the great new stuff coming? And so much more, dear listeneners!

Joining us for this riotous rant, is a Rondo award-winning journalist, filmmaker, blogger, producer, magazine editor, and cherished member of the MONSTER PARTY family! Aside from bringing us the classic long-form 80's horror documentary trilogy, IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS, he is also a connesuir of classic toys and collectibles. Please welcome back, the man, the legend... DAVID WEINER! (ALIENS EXPANDED, IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS PT 1-3, IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW, FAMOUS MONSTER OF FILMLAND, IT CAME FROM... BLOG, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT)

So if you like to hear grown men pontificating about the various toylines of STAR WARS, DUNE, ALIEN, NECA, STAR TREK, GODZILLA, SECTAURS, FUNKO POPS, UNIVERSAL MONSTERS, SUPER 7, MEGO, G.I. JOE, PLANET OF THE APES, SIDESHOW, HOT TOYS, and more... you might want to get in on this!

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