Monster Party

It's raining cats and dogs...and MONSTERS!

JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, dust off a rare gem from the MONSTER PARTY VAULT! It's an extra boozy episode, featuring just the core cast, that's guaranteed to provide a hailstorm of hilarity. Get out your most ghoulish galoshes for... MOVIES FOR A RAINY DAY!!!

The next time you're stuck inside the house due to rain (or heat, if you live in the San Fernando valley), MONSTER PARTY will help you weather the storm with some helpful movie tips. We've got everything from iconic film franchises, offbeat cinematic oddities, Netflix guilty pleasures, and tokusatsu treasures from the far east! 

Since this episode was recorded a while back, expect a minor amount of time stamping. This includes some pre-series finale talk about GAMES OF THRONES, a detailed description of who HARRY POTTER is, and SHAWN SHERIDAN sporting a freshly repaired liver!

Treat yourself to the audio version of a hot cup of cocoa! Spiked, of course.

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