Monster Party


JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, once again fired up the hearse, and headed out to petrifying Pasadena, for the horror convention that reigns over all! Pay a virtual trip to the MONSTER PARTY booth, as we we present... MONSTERPALOOZA 2023: PT 1!!!

The action started as every MONSTERPALOOZA does. We spent all day Friday setting up our table and various accoutrements, just in time for when the doors opened to the public. And once that happened... it was pure magic! 

In case you were born under a rock (which is quite horrifying in and of itself), MONSTERPALOOZA is the bi-yearly convention that celebrates all aspects of horror entertainment. It's got actors, writers, directors, special FX makeup, masks, artwork, clothing, toys, cosplay, rare treasures, limited collectibles, museum pieces, friendly fans, plus a whole lot more!

And to make things extra special this year, Shawn Sheridan managed to take a break from employment, for a rare Friday night appearance! 

It was a pleasure to talk to all our old and new friends, industry professionals and the public alike.  And if you were not able to make it to this breathtaking event, consider this your V.I.P. tour.

 Stay tuned for PART 2! It's even more MONSTROUS!

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