Monster Party


JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, once again descended upon the city of Pasadena's HAUNTED CONVENTION CENTER, to dominate the lucky souls within! Grab yourself a stiff drink, and/or a reasonably priced heating pad to warm your shivering spines, as you experience MONSTER PARTY... LIVE AT MONSTERPALOOZA 2019: PART 1!!!

When you're dealing with an event so profoundly massive as MONSTERPALOOZA, there's no way to fit all the fiendish fun we had into one episode. Therefore, we not-so-humbly submit to you, the first part of our epic audio adventure into THE ART OF MONSTERS! Expect a dazzling array of artists, actors, filmmakers, collectors, collectible dealers, toy designers, special effects wizards, makeup experts, authors, publishers, entrepreneurs, cosplayers, literal monster kids, and most important... THE MONSTER PARTY FANS!

Our warmest thanks go out to everyone who has supported our podcast, and came out to see us! WE LOVE YOU... TO DEATH!

MONSTER NOTE: If you're wondering why SHAWN SHERIDAN is heard in our opening segment, then disappears for a while, it's because he was unable to attend MONSTERPALOOZA on Friday night. This was due to a professional commitment and not his fault, but it does how much Shawn is actually carrying the rest of us. 


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