Monster Party


JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, pay tribute to the unofficial fifth member of the team. It's time give a toast to the toast, with this conversation cocktail we simply call... BOOZE!!!

Over the years, MONSTER PARTY has cherished and chastised our ole friend, DEMON BOOZE. But for this episode, we're putting its genre film and television appearances in the spotlight! 

What HAMMER HORROR film would be complete without a snifter of spirits in a Victorian study, or a pint of beer at Baron Frankenstein's favorite pub? What fun would STAR TREK be without the deleterious effects of Romulan Ale, or an impromptu drinking contest with Scotty? And what better way to make life's troubles melt away, than with a nice bottle of TENAFLY VIPER? 

These a just a few examples of alcohol's many fine movie and TV performances that will be discussed on this podcast. Which begs the question, "Where's the BOOZE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD?!!!"

Inebri-aiding us with this episode is a very special guest, who is also a huge MONSTER PARTY fan! He's one of only twenty MASTER CICERONES (which is basically the beer equivalent of a MASTER SOMMELIER) in the world, and is the host of his own fangtastic horror podcast, HALLOWEEN IS FOREVER! Let's give a super sloshy, happy drunk welcome to... BRIAN REED!

NOTE: When it comes to booze, as with our podcast, please use responsibly! And yes, we're already planning for BOOZE VOL.2!!!

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