Monster Party


JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, revisit a beloved topic, that's not really a topic. Or is it all topics?!! Once you gather up the bits of your blown mind, settle in for an episode we've decided to call... ANYTHING GOES: THE RECKONING!!!

Why "THE RECKONING"? Because we reckoned we needed to have a favorite guest back on the show. She's a hilarious comedian and writer, a talented actor, an accomplished director-producer, and practically MONSTER PARTY family! We are all proud and humbled to welcome back THE GREAT... SUE MURPHY! (CHELSEA LATELY, WANDA AT LARGE, THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO, EWOKS)

Get ready for a discussion that includes curious cocktails, must see movies, over-sexed optical printers, STAR TREK trivialities, Larry's lubricant, a Vasquez van trip, and MORE!


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